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  1. If you take your strength and fitness seriously or wanting to get into strength training or looking to lose weight, then get yourself a ticket to the CrazyStrength London Seminar on 20th & 21st February 2016. You'll learn first hand from the elite professionals in the strength game. Laurence Shahlaei, 2x Britains Strongest Man & 4x Worlds Strongest Man finalist. Delroy Mcqueen, 2002 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist in Olympic Weightlifting. Emmy Louise, holder of 31 Powerlifting Records. These are our guest speakers for the event and all three of them are elite level athletes, who better to learn from. A ticket to the event is just £249, if you purchase it before 6pm on Saturday. If this sounds expensive to you, remember there is two days jammed full of content (20 hours in total!). Now, imagine hiring your regular run of the mill personal trainer who basically bought their qualification (trust me, most of them know jack all!). Okay, so let's say they charge £25/hour, multiply that by 20 = £500. Our ticket is £299... And remember, we don't just have run of the mill trainers, we have ELITE athletes who're on hand all weekend to give you LIVE form checks, making sure you don't injure yourself etc. You'll also have the chance to ask questions to these athletes, I mean how often can you expect to receive a response to a series of questions from someone you've seen on TV? The knowledge you receive at this seminar is invaluable! You'll go away from the seminar with so much information, thinking that your ticket was an absolute steal! Get your tickets while they last here!http://crazystrength.com/launches/london2016/