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  1. David Builds New Legs

    interesting idea to get the PT done all in one go, and good to see you are loving the rowing too, great that the replacement for the running is something you are enjoying as much if not more :-)
  2. Stumbled across a gym kitted out with Strongman stuff...stones, yoke, farmers, log, Tyres and Prowler. Its 5 minutes drive too! Going this afternoon for a session see what I can still do :-)

  3. David Builds New Legs

    I like your approach to the setback - just kick on, find alternatives that will allow you to keep leg strength, upper body lifts can carry on as before, and you can just fit the PT in around the rest. I am sure you will find the right balance. I also agree with you - if I did bother with any cardio at all (traditional style) rowing or cycling would be my preferred choices...anything else I just dont enjoy...
  4. David Builds New Legs

    Sounds bad, waiting on the news
  5. David Builds New Legs

    Hey david, stopped in as thought this would be some sort of robotics experiment Glad to see the progress is good...and having just read that last post it made me realise I must find my foam roller and start that daily, my knees still tight and it def helped, even though rolling the IT band was excruciatingly painful...
  6. I cannot agree more - 5 days a week is overtraining. Especially as you are hitting compound lifts each time...no recovery, higher risk of injury, cumulative fatigue. Would be 99.999999% certain you do 3 days a week, and have a total rest day in between you will see lifts improve, recovery improve and injuries lessen. As you say, the 3 sessions you do are still hard graft, compound lifts etc....but less sessions is definitely more :-)
  7. Triceps Bars

    I don't know about specific bars Matt, but I much prefer these bars over a preacher curl bar...quite limited in what you can do but the neutral grip is brilliant...heaviness wise, as much as you can load on the bar I would say. Definitely a worthwhile addition to the set. Overhead tricep extensions, and hammer curls mainly.
  8. Do I Have A Herniated Disc?

    I'm with Art, don't take risks with your back. Do you get pain in daily life or just when lifting?
  9. Do I Have A Herniated Disc?

    I'm with Art, don't take risks with your back. Do you get pain in daily life or just when lifting?
  10. Sore Knee

    Very true...and foam rolling that bad boy the first time will bring a tear to the eye...no question. Enjoy.
  11. Sore Knee

    I have had what sounds like the exact same issue, and once I sought physio help, was told the back of my knee was as "tight as a guitar string" and to do some hamstring and other stretches...being in a desk job I am inactive for long periods of the day - hence the tightness, and I also tend to sit on my sofa at night and tuck my left leg up under my right which made it worse no doubt.
  12. Hot Chicks Doing The Olympic Lifts

    ha ha ha pmsl..dont forget the clean
  13. Garage Gym

    Wow... Very impressive setup Jamie...and now you have it, it's easy to add little things you find you need in the future.
  14. Hot Chicks Doing The Olympic Lifts

    ha ha Nevermind just pipped me to the post
  15. Hot Chicks Doing The Olympic Lifts

    C'mon guys - there is hot...and then there is AlisonNYC. If you're gonna post a thread like this, do it properly