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  1. U F C

    Yeah this season might not totally suck...
  2. I can lift again!

    1. Jasper


      It's a miracle!

    2. PorridgeOrange


      hehe. your reply made me think of Dr Strangelove

  3. Klokov Stretch Challenge

    If I chopped my legs at the knees and then duck taped them into position....maybe!
  4. Lentils And Bacon

    Bacon and lentils...I'm in! Thanks for sharing.
  5. U F C

    Cool I'll check that out! I heard he does some interesting underwater type stuff.... Interested to see what Edgar looks like when he does not have a speed advantage. Also Aldo is going to look huge despite the fact that Edgar is the one coming down from 155.
  6. U F C

    Yeah, not taking on Chael was weak sauce. He would be fighting a smaller wrestler with ZERO KO power, much easier than Hendo. As for Vitor, he might have trouble getting inside but I would love to see how Bones responds to a classic Phenom Punch Flurry...
  7. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    I used NB Minimus MX20's for squatting for a while and did not enjoy it... they are great to run in though and don't seem to bother me while deadlifting.
  8. U F C

    Chris Weidman did work! I still think Anderson Silva would tool him right now but he'll be a MW champ at some point I think.
  9. U F C

    Well according to Silva Sonnen won't be able to walk much less talk after the fight...Should be great scrap!
  10. George Foreman Grill

    Griddler FTW
  11. Low Carb Vs Carb Cycling

    *getting popcorn*
  12. Low Carb Vs Carb Cycling

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing the article...this is all very interesting as myself am experimenting with diets and what not to get to a lower BF%.
  13. Low Carb Vs Carb Cycling

    Interesting link...the abstract seems to imply that the test was for the effect of Diet vs Diet+aerobic exercise with energy deficit held constant...i see no mention of macro-nutrient composition of the diets used other than a tag that says "fat restricted" did you post the incorrect link or is there something in the full article that has not made it's way to the abstract? Perhaps you meant to link to this article, the link was in the page you mentioned but it seems to argue that high protein are at least equal and in some ways superior to high carb diets in the population studied. Since weight loss was similar but there were other health benefits to a higher protein protocol. There are a bunch of studies showing conflicting results...
  14. I am the world's crunchiest man!

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    2. FerrousMaverick


      I don't know. Do you care about how happy your beef was before it was prepared for your table? Until that happens, I know someone crunchier than you.

    3. PorridgeOrange


      Not that kind of crunchy... My joints literally make crunching sounds when I move...I'm no granola eater!

    4. PorridgeOrange


      PS I love animals they are so delicious!

  15. U F C

    Yeah really awesome fights. The heavies really delivered and the undercard was great too. A couple of upsets in Varner and Elkins and some brutal performances at the top of the card. With Cain's knee all healed up Cain v JDS 2 should be epic! Edit: Cain's Shoulder not knee!