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  1. Really Bad Day.

    Hi Archie, at 45yo I'm a little younger than you but I've still found recovery to be an issue for me. I switched to 3x5 with pretty much the same lifting stats as you. I've also found my upper body lifts (bench and ohp) to need more recovery than my lower body lifts (squat and dead). I've had good success with AFP, which is an advanced beginner program developed by one of the mods from this site. I'm currently running the Texas Method, which is an intermediate program and allows for better recovery over SL and AFP. I don't think it will be too long before I need to switch to something like 5/3/1.
  2. Unbelievable Squat

    Awesome surname.
  3. Lunch Ideas

    I thought that was a spelling mistake, but no, they actually exist! Fair play! I have just mere chicken. Around 300g with a good dollop of hummus. I generally eat it with a mixed salad from my work's restaurant.
  4. Slim Rice (http://www.slimrice.co.uk/) - it's just wrong on so many levels.

    1. Raincoat


      eh, seems like it's basically modified noodles that are chopped into rice

    2. Whiteboii


      Next step: Super slim rice...

    3. BareFacedGeek


      It's made from Konjac and is devoid of all nutrients, bar about 4% carbs.

      It is very filling apparently.

  5. Advice On Sl 5X5 To 3X5

    Yep, just switch, you don't have to wait for fails and deloads if your body is telling you otherwise. I did for the very same reasons - workouts taking too long and feeling completely exhausted. Also, don't rule out throwing in the odd light session too, dropping the workout weight by 10-20% of your current training max. Or even staying put at the same weight for a little while and perhaps just increasing reps. The first allows for active recovery and imo the second allows for other parts of your body to catch up. Another option is to switch to an intermediate program, which will cycle the intensity. I learnt last year that pushing LP as hard and fast as you can gets very tough after a while. Or maybe it's just because I'm old(er) .
  6. Adipower Or Do-Wins...

    Thanks for posting this info. I'm on holiday in the US atm and it would be silly not to get a pair before returning to Blighty.
  7. Ex-Sl Members List

    Agreed, it's people that make a forum. I always felt that Mehdi's input to the forum was fairly minimal, leaving it to the mods to fill in for his absence. However, to be fair, I really did enjoy reading his blog posts. As a newbie lifter, I found them very useful. It was actually these blog posts which kept me coming back to SL and eventually to becoming a member of the forum.
  8. Starting LG and DRPT

    1. BareFacedGeek


      10% BF and a 500lb DL by the end of the year? Hope so!

  9. Refinished 1000 Pounds Of Old Plates...

    They look superb. I like the finish the matt paint gives.
  10. When I reach the point where a beginner program is too much for my body to cope with, I'd like to lose my excess BF. I'm probably iro 20-25% atm and am looking to drop below 15%. So far I'm favouring a Lean Gains approach. I know Martin Berkhan advocates RPT too, but would the DRPT program have too much volume for a Lean Gains style of cut? Cheers, Phil
  11. The Men Who Made Us Fat 2

    Hmmm - I'm starting to find lots of information supporting the fact that protein consumption also raises insulin levels. This is interesting (and frustrating) as Zoe Harcombe, in her book The Obesity Epidemic, categorically states on numerous occasions that only carbs cause an increase in insulin. Gary Taubes talks about the body producing insulin in anticipation of impending food consumption, as well as due to carb consumption. Martin Berkhan, of Lean Gains, is quite disparaging of the low carb approach in his blog post titled Low Carb Talibans. He also talks about ASP briefly and indicates that is has quite an effect on fat storage. I clearly still have much to learn.
  12. The Men Who Made Us Fat 2

    Currently, I'm reading: Why We Get Fat, by Gary Taubes (I've also got Diet Delusion but have not started that) The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, by Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney The Obesity Epidemic, by Zoe Harcombe The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf Yep, this is precisely what I was attempting to mention. Oh yes, I totally agree. My interest in insulin came from trying to understand the reasons for fat gain and ,in turn, how to lose it effectively. I've not read about protein-27 (or not that I remember anyway). I've have read about ASP but all the information I have on it, from the above books, indicate that its effect on fat storage is significantly less than that of insulin - to the point that it can be discounted.
  13. The Men Who Made Us Fat 2

    Isn't the insulin response to protein/fats just due to the normal hormone response your body makes when preparing to eat something? IIRC, it spikes and drops again quickly because eating protein/fat alone will not increase blood sugar levels. Where as the digestion of carbs starts to introduce additional glucose into the blood stream and will cause insulin production to keep going, until the body has stabilised its blood sugar levels. At least, according to the books I have available to me (and IIRC).
  14. A Calories Is Not A Calorie

    Does gluconeogenesis go on all the time or only when the body is in a state a ketosis? Must admit, I "always" thought it was the later. "always" means in the last couple of months since I've been overloading of nutrition info (and floundering in a sea of it).
  15. The Men Who Made Us Fat 2

    My knowledge is still fairly rudimentary, and only based on what I have read, but is this not an instance of where the affects to insulin production and leptin make the difference?