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  1. Extensor Digitorum Injury

    hey all, so I've injured my extensor digitorum communis somehow. it just sortof started hurting one morning after training. I've been doing stronglifts, but i dont remember which workout preceded the pain. Its not debilitating, but sharp pain up the middle of the top side of forearm when gripping makes training difficult, let alone everyday life. I first kept training, but used straps for deadlift/row. This kept the pain down during workouts, but wasnt helping recovery. So I've now taken 10 days off training, and the pain hasn't started declining. I've been stretching and taking ibuprofen. It seems worse/more stiff in the mornings, or after an extended period w/out moving. The muscle is also somewhat sensitive to pressure. Anyone have any ideas for active rehab? considering trying sleeping with a brace on it to immobilize the wrist, but not sure what else to do.