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  1. Low weight high rep VS High weight low rep

    I would recommend a 5x5 or 3x5 of compound lifts like Starting Strength, Stronglifts, Or The Average Fucking Program (AFP) that you can find on this site and then if you feel up to it, some BB higher rep stuff as icing on the cake. Your diet is really going to be way more important than your rep scheme though. You'll need to make sure you are eating a ton of protein, but are staying in a calorie deficit.
  2. Working to get Stronger

    Have you thought about keeping an actual log on this site? It can help keep you motivated. It's a good place to get advice, have some friendly banter with lifters, vent, and track your progress.
  3. I like to go against popular advice and do cardio first. This is simply for the reason that the most effective cardio is the cardio you actually complete.
  4. Reply to this so I can see WTF it does.

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      Awww yisss! It's good to be king.

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  5. Just testing this out.

  6. Meet Miriam, My New Deadlift Hero.

    I'm going to zombie this thread. I just came across it. I'm sure I saw it when it was originally posted, but that was before I knew Miriam or lifted there at Asheville Strength. Good times. <3
  7. Weak Shoulder Press And Bench

    Hi Dave! Welcome to IS.
  8. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Don't get too excited. It looks like she may never post again. It's going to be hard to rescue this one.
  9. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Wait... a new lady? This hasn't happened in years.
  10. Lift The World: Weightlifting Documentary

    Only the first 14 min.
  11. Lift The World: Weightlifting Documentary

    You need to watch this with me.
  12. Take Up Space, Ladies!

    Did you watch the TED talk in that article? (with another strong Amy)
  13. Take Up Space, Ladies!

    Wait.... Are you saying that kindness, strength, and confidence are good qualities for all humans to strive towards? Male AND female? Mind blown.
  14. Take Up Space, Ladies!

    YES!!! On a related note: http://mic.com/articles/107614/i-spread-my-legs-on-the-subway-to-prove-an-important-point http://www.girlsgonestrong.com/4-tips-for-raising-confident-girls/
  15. Interesting Critique Of Paleo

    That gluten video.... YESSSSS! Also, what could be more paleo/primal/primitive than breast milk??? It is literally the only single source of nutrition that has been naturally available in all cultures, all over the world, for the entire existence of humans.