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  1. patella maltracking and squatssssss

    thanks so much Klim , i will work on these points Daniel: I made the x ray cause my knees felt something uncomfortable ( do not know how to describe ) in my knee and it stayed about 4 days Dr infromed me that this due to patella maltracking and the x ray shows this Thanks for your advise
  2. Hello Everyone Few weeks ago i felt something uncomfortable in right knee , but i was moving my knee without any pain . and i was training without any problem ( except once i felt a pain at the end of the last set of last squat workout) I made an x ray and doctor informed me that both patella in both knees are tilted ( patella maltracking) ( i was born like that) doctor informed me i have to strengthen my quads and informed me to stay away from squats Really i do not want to stop squatting..... I think to try and change my stance to be wide a bit and try other cues like pushing knees out .....etc does any one had this issue ?? Thanks in advance
  3. Si Joint Pain

    Thanks for ur feedback
  4. Si Joint Pain

    Hello everyone From a month ago while deadlifting i lowered the weight with a round back ( so silly did not want to make a big noise in the gym ) Then i had a pain it seemed t be a strain so i rested for 3 weeks and returned again I squatted with no problems but in leg press i felt something uncomfortable below the pelvis ( i searched it seemed to be gluteus minimus) I deadlifted yesterday i decided to start light 130kgI felt with tension in the glutes then completed 2 sets of five x 120 kg I returned my home with a pain in low back near SI joint , i iced the area once and took ibuprofen 600 Today the pain is less and ofcourse i must have a rest My questions are 1- How long i have to rest ?? 2- How do i return to squat and deadlifts ? 3- Can i foam roll the this area and do stretches or i have to wait ? 4- what exercise can i do ( back extensions . leg curls .... ) ??
  5. Just found this old topic and it is very useful to read the discussion for any beginner . I have a question here , why to do not concentrate on increasing hypertrophy also for novice lifers beside the strength. As we increase the muscle size it will be able lift more weight. I know some lifters train by this way : They make a day for each lift ( S/B/D) and on they train the hypertrophy stuff on other days. On days of ( S/B/D) they use several type of programming or linear progression for beginners Hypertrophy will be useful on long term for the novice lifter
  6. Adnan Powerlifting Gear

    Hi David Thanks for your reply SBDs are excellent But shipping to Egypt is high plus customs.etc I thought that for warming my knees i can wear medical compression wraps instead and it is cheaper what do you think ?
  7. Need A Help For Easy Recovery Program

    Thanks mike Thanks Art i will work on this
  8. Need A Help For Easy Recovery Program

    @ John i am struggling with adding weights to my deadlift ( i deadlift after i squat) and make progression but on other lifts ( Squat and bench) i can progress easily @ Art thanks for your program , it seems very good for recovery IF i ran 531 can i speed the progression a bit ? i am advanced novice not intermediate Can i progress on 531 every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks ? have anyone done that ?
  9. Hello every one I need your advice for which program I follow iam 29 years old , I lifted about 6 months but not in row I first tried ICF Jason Blaha3x5 then Powerlifting to Win novice program then I followed 3 weeks candito linear program Also I will making a slow cut , my target weight is 90kg and iam now 102kg Now I need to follow a program that is easy to recover from , Squatting 3 times per week is hard for me , i had hip flexor strain from this also I prefer to make my deadlift in seperate workout or in a light session as I am struggling with it My numbers are 110kg x 6 reps for squat , 90 kg x 6 reps bench , 170 kg deadlift I want to complete linear progression but also I want a program with easy recovery After planning I am thinking to run one of these programs , 1- Wendler 5/3/1 for beginner , http://www.jimwendler.com/2011/09/531-for-a-beginner/ But adding weights every month is not motivating for me as I can still add 5 lbs for each lift every week Iam still novice and linear progression still works with me Can I add weight 5 lbs for upper part and 10lbs for lower part every two weeks instead of every one month and follow the program as it is ? 2- Taxes method I plan to follow it in 4 day split , also if anyone have ideas for splitting TM to 4 days I will be thankfull At last if any one have other program I can follow instead of above 2 programs it will be fine
  10. Adnan Powerlifting Gear

    Hi Are knee sleeves important ?? Am asking because costs and taxes on importing to Egypt is too high
  11. Sumo Or Conventional ??

    Hi All I am a person with short arms and long torso and when i searched i found that Sumo dead lift is better for me But i feel strongest at conventional So what i do now ?? 1- Train Sumo and focus on assistance exercises for sumo dead lift and increase mobility.....etc ?? what best assistance exercise for sumo ? 2- keep training conventional as i am strongest at it ? Thanks in advance
  12. HI ALL I have a problem that i cannot break 90 degree in my squat i have been squatting for several months but i joined a Powerlifting team and my coach informed me that he said to me to do stretches I am asking if anyone have usefull drills for this issue ?? thanks
  13. Adnan Powerlifting Gear

    thanks mate
  14. Adnan Powerlifting Gear

    Hi everyone I am aiming to buy my power lifting gear ( Belt , knee sleeve , wrist wraps). I am from Egypt and I contacted Anderson Power lifting but they do not ship out US So turned to LIFTING LARGE and i have chosen the following , please give me your opinion: 1- Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves ( i wanted to buy SBD but they are not available on lifting large) 2- Longhorn Powerlifting Belt 10mm , 3- Titan Wrist Wraps Waiting for your comments