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  1. Loose Skin..

    I'm in the same boat as you. I used to weigh 80kg, and now im 59. I lost a lot of weight in one year, and I have loose skin on my stomach You can get abs, I have my top 4 abs visible, but the bottom unfortunately is covered in loose skin. If I stretch up or hand off a bar you can see them but in good light. Here's the deal, I'm 18 (16-17 when I lost the weight), and everyone says that since I'm young the skin will tighten back up. Well it's been about a year and a half and there hasn't been change. So I think we're going to have to take the tough route and just accept that we cannot get abs This doesn't mean that you stop working out or watching your nutrition. Do it for the health and the strength. And remember what you're reading now is just my side of the story, there have been tons of people who's skin tightens up after drastic weight loss I think you should be happy that you have lost so much weight, it's an achievement. The only advice I can give you now is watch your nutrition and keep your skin healthy and fill it in with muscles Goodluck
  2. Why Worry About Body Fat?

    That's actually true. It's much harder when you're older. When I'm 40+ I would want to concentrate on gaining strength and just living a healthy lifestyle. Probably wont count calories either Long way to go though
  3. Why Worry About Body Fat?

    You make good points, but at the end a 6pack can be for oneself as much as it is for others It all comes down to individuals goals--there's nothing wrong with wanting an 8% body fat, it's just that it looks good
  4. apparently it's 5lbs per year of PURE muscle for most people and 10lbs for the lucky ones. it could get from 15lbs to 20lbs for teens going through puberty and growth spurts
  5. Ferrous Maverick's Eating Plan

    Thanks for clearing things up FerrousMaverick What's your opinion on this video? He outlines that there are 3 times when your body will turn to muscle for energy (burning muscle) 1-when your body is low on food or fat 2-when your body is low on amino acids 3-when your body "thinks" it's going into starvation mode--this is the point I was making by a deficit too big, but not quite at starvation yet, which may result in burning muscle as well
  6. Ferrous Maverick's Eating Plan

    Oh they're just made up numbers. The point being is what will happen if you eat a little below your BMR rather than your TDEE. I think you'd lose muscle even if you get enough protein.
  7. Ferrous Maverick's Eating Plan

    The burning is taken into account when calculating TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). So your workouts are counted in that So for example BMR: 1,600 TDEE: 2,300 (including calories burnt in the workout) Daily intake: 1,500 calories, and 1g of protein per lean body mass The example you gave, Ferrous Maverick, was something only someone dumb would do so yeah let's not talk about going into negative net calories, just a big deficit, a few hundred below your BMR. My question is, wouldn't this burn muscle too, despite an adequate intake of protein? Note this is not going into starvation mode, but a considerable decrease from one's TDEE
  8. Ferrous Maverick's Eating Plan

    I know in the basis of losing muscle it isn't "just" calories in vs calories out. That's why I said that's the broad version of it, but there's more to it. Which you covered very well, thank you. But on your last point, if that person was to eat at a 500calorie surplus, and gets enough protein (130g a day weight at 130pounds), that person will get fat. What I've been told repeatedly and repeatedly, is, take that same person, if he were to eat only 1000 calories a day and still get enough protein (130g a day weight at 130pounds), he will still burn muscle because the deficit is just too much, your body needs energy, so it will get that energy from fat, but too much of a deficit will cause the body to get energy from muscle, right? Or have I been misinformed?
  9. Assistance Exercises

    anything will work. you could also do diamond push ups! tons of ways you cant have an excuse to not work those triceps
  10. Assistance Exercises

    Oh, will until you get proper access to a dips machine, you can do assisted ones. All you really need is two chairs. Use the chair back rests as hand grips (face the backs towards you). You'll have to bend your knees unless you're 2 foot tall but yeah and bend your elbows so they're perpendicular to your shoulders behind your back, lower yourself down and back up Just imagine the picture above, but with the knees bent in. So you never really touch the floor. I know it can seem kind of unsafe because of wobbling chairs, so just put one against a wall and put weights on the other. Doing this on a carpet makes it better too. I know this isn't proper but it'll be fine for the time being, good luck!
  11. Assistance Exercises

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-D1uhov6Fo it's an effort, but worth it, dips are key to huge arms!
  12. Gomad - Gallon Of Milk A Day

    great transformation! GOMAD is certainly the way to go for hard gainers
  13. Ferrous Maverick's Eating Plan

    Firstly, thanks for taking the time to make this post. I have a question, is the 4-6 meal frequency absolutely necessary? Can't one get by with 2-3 meals a day? Also, what you've wrote makes sense, but ignoring calories can be harmful. The amount of fat your body puts on depends on calories in vs calories out, sure it's more complicated than that (like the quality of the food), but yeah that's what it's basically about. So foods with a high GI should be avoided on a non-calorie counting diet because they can make you feel hungry shortly after consumption (chocolate bars, bad carbs, etc). But in your diet you promote low carbs and lots of vegetables and protein which should keep you filled up, so ignoring calories might work. But then there's another problem, I've heard that a deficit that reaches lower than your BMR will also cause a muscle loss, regardless of protein intake. For example, someone with at 130pounds with a TDEE of 2,000 calories and a BMR of 1,600 calories goes on a deficit of 500 calories a day, which might seem harmless, and takes in 130g protein, will still burn muscle along with fat.
  14. My Gym Is Awesome!!

    what gym is this? in the uk?!?!
  15. Love This Plan

    hey if you dont mind me asking, how did your BF% increase/decrease--was that weight gain mainly muscle or fat? I ask because I'm the same height as you and I was just thinking about goals great progress btw!