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  1. 3 Inch Vs 4 Inch Belt

    I have a 3" belt from Bobs Belts. Had a few years now, and it is great. The 4" I had used would sit on my hip bone and ribs, so I went for the 3" and was glad I did. I don't really use it often anymore however, I generally stick to a nylon belt for squats and cleans and I never could use one for deadlifts. The 3" left just as many bruises as the 4" belt did. But did it's job better for me.
  2. Bar On Knees Squat Stretch

    I tried these on thursday! I loaded the bar up to 70kg... don't think I could sit back like that! had a nice stretch though
  3. Which Belt Do You Use

    Yeah my belt was about 90 when I ode red it last year, and I saw its at 107 now. I also had to fork out for international postage then extra tax but it was the only 3 around I could find.
  4. Weightlifting or powerlifting, which is healthier? depends on who's doing them. I've heard people have died on toilets taking a shit, and others who have drowned in an inch of water, things people to believe are relatively safe. I would say neither of the lifts are better than others for health purposes. You can become very strong and fast using any combination of the fore mentioned lifts, if you lift them right and program them right. Correct mind sets are what makes the lifts safes, and inflated ego that can make them dangerous and unhealthy.
  5. Which Belt Do You Use

    Bob's Belts, the junior belt, 3 inches all the way around. It's amazing, perfect fit. I even hear that best belts are making 3 inch ones now if anyone is interested
  6. Refinished 1000 Pounds Of Old Plates...

    You should have started a gym with all those plates.
  7. Cold Weather Training

    I used to train in my back garden, and in winter it got cold. I did however set my bench press PR just after I brushed the snow up. it was -10c and it made me stick to the basics for low reps, as the bar was fucking freezing. Things like sand bag lifts and carrys are good in the cold, and zerchers, and you don't need to make contact with cold metal.
  8. Glenn Pendlay has some videos up coaching the lifts, they are short and concise and work.
  9. Deadlift: 180Kg X4 @ 62Kg Bodyweight

    Very impressive!
  10. The 'good Morning'

    When I've done these, I have also used the same low bar position as I do for squats.. High bar just kills my neck.
  11. Mehdi's Log

    Hey Guru and Excyclist... Thought I would blow the dust of my shoulders and get lifting again Nice that I am remembered. I am glad I found this forum, I had become tired with the Stronglifts site and all the notifications off Medhi every time I logged in...
  12. Mehdi's Log

    This Forum is looking a lot for valuable than stronglifts already. I was a member of stronglifts from pretty much the beginning, and after a year or so I only stayed for the people on it its self. As I have heard others say, he recycled free information from experienced lifters sites and tried to charge for it, not wise. I never thought he would sink so low as to charge for the membership. Shame so may logs were lots as was mine. Stronglifts username was oi_joe if anyone remembers, I stopped visiting a while back.