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  1. preworkouts

    I like them occasionally and never really worried if I took them. Seem to give you a good boost if you need it. Thats all I saw them doing. I would say if your rocking 20% plus bodyfat then a bunch of liquid calories my not be the best idea but I am sure its effective. I have read that chocolate milk is just as good as a post workout but I think that has been blown out of proportion for most of us. I have done dextrose, wazy maize, the intra drinks, etc. No real difference than if I just ate a meal when I was hungry after. I dont think it matters that much in the big picture but if you think it works for you then go for it. Theres no use arguing about it. Who cares. Do your thing. People get strong because of hard work, the right environment and training, genetics, and drugs. I dont think supplements are a big part of it. Not the over the counter ones.
  2. Weight Lifting Belt?

    Wear a belt, learn how to use it to protect your back so you can pull something heavy. This whole belts make you weak thing is a internet product started by guys that want you to believe what there doing is extra special because they didn't use a belt or wear underwear or pants or shoes, etc. Its like hey I could play in the NFL but I refuse to wear shoulder pads! Wear the the stuff that helps protect your joints and allows you to lift long enough so you can lift something heavy enough to be proud of.
  3. Warming up for a one rep max

    I treat it like a meet. Usual warmup then 3 attempts. First one is to get me ready not tire me out for the second which is a small PR. Its not a hard and fast rule but I like around 30-50 pounds between second and third. You dont want to do really small jumps close to your max because it fatigues you too much. Your there to max out so go for it. If you miss you miss but dont miss because your nervous and trying to sneak up on the weight. Your just sabotaging yourself. Third is all based off of how second feels. So lets say your old 1rm on squats are 200k. Then: Bar 2x10 60x5 100x3 140x2 160x1 180x1 (1) 205x1 (2) 3rd is up to you.
  4. Leg exercises

    I could murder about 12 tacos right now.
  5. Working to get Stronger

    Welcome Sam. Use the train log section on here or have a mod move it to the logs.
  6. Cholesterol Results

    Niacin can help but it can bump up your liver enzymes and fish oils usually are great for a reduction of triglycerides but I haven't seen them do much for HDL. Grass fed and organic meats and vegetables can help also. Results will vary. Try two tablespoons of olive oil a day and add in cardio if your not doing it. 30 to 40 minutes of steady state and try to keep your heart rate under 120. That will help with your lifting also.
  7. Need A Help For Easy Recovery Program

    What equipment do you have available? Doing something like Art is doing is going to be best for you. Also, you are running into what most guys do looking at your strength levels. You dont have a lot of muscle mass so you try to cut because you are unhappy with your appearance but the problem is that cutting is stopping you from gaining any appreciable muscle mass. So they end up loosing body fat and look like a marathon runner. Then they try to "bulk" which ends up back to the skinny fat condition. Then they cut down and here we go again. You basically stay in the same place. Heres my advice. Dont stuff yourself but eat good healthy meals when you are hungry. Then train for a long time and get your strength levels up to an acceptable level. You should be squatting 180K for reps, benching 140K for reps, and pulling at least 200K for reps. Those are bare minimums for any man that regular trains and has any idea what they are doing. Get to those levels and then see if you need to cut. At that point, you will have something to cut down too.
  8. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Thanks this reminded me to take my Actiflex tonight.
  9. http://www.andersonpowerlifting.com Great company. Get the SBD sleeves. They are the best and legal in all federations. Pick up a KLA single prong 13 mm belt. If you want inzer gear then call the company and order. Do not order online. They can take forever.
  10. Simple Bench Or Press Program

    Just had a guy use his one rep max for 5x3 last week and I made some suggestions to him on the structure of the workout as a whole. Could help some others. A great way to structure your bench work: 1)Bench 2)Lockout (Slingshot or boards) 3)Hypertrophy (High rep dumbell,Incline,weighted pushups,etc) On the lockout work. Dont go crazy and max out. Your first set will be with your bench work weight to just get used to the new exercise. Then jump either 10 or 20 pounds and do 2x3. You decide, just be consistent and that weight only goes up when the weight on bench goes up. It lets you feel the weight you will be handling the next week, works the lockout, and want burn you out. Example would be: Bench 275 5x3 Slingshot 275x3, 295 2x3 DB bench 3x20 Next week Bench 280 5x3 Slingshot 280x3, 300 2x3 DB incline 3x20
  11. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Sounds good and I hope it helps some.
  12. Which Supplements For Joints?

    I took it for a year straight and stopped like an idiot. I found a local store that carries it at a good price and just started back four days ago. I plan on staying on it this time. There's nothing unusual in it that you don't find in most human joint supplements but it's just a much higher concentration. It's worth a shot.
  13. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Best thing that I have ever used. 1 to 2 tsp a day. http://www.bigdweb.com/Acti-Flex-4000-Solution-Quart/productinfo/4899/
  14. David Builds New Legs

    Nice work David. You have come a long way with your knee and it's awesome that you are still lifting and enjoying the rowing. Steel does my programming and I agree he is a great resource for all things training. Keep it up!
  15. Pursuing Better, Not Best

    That is perfect advice.