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  1. Distance Running (Marathon) And Lifting

    Maverick, do you think it's possible to run his marathon program in this without having to contact him? Part 1 Part 2 You can skip to the second part, it has the schedule in it. I feel like it would be beneficial to talk to him, but I also am not sure if it's necessary.
  2. Distance Running (Marathon) And Lifting

    Thanks for the help! Yeah, Wolfman led me to an actual running/lifting plan that Alex Viada made, so I'm still looking through those. I'm considering contacting him, just because it'd be nice to get some specifics on what weights, form, etc, but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for the replies
  3. Distance Running (Marathon) And Lifting

    So, I'm pretty new to this website, but I thought it might be able to answer a question or two about running and weightlifting. I've looked around the internet for anything like my questions, but I haven't found anything solid that can answer my question specifically. A little about me (it might be important): I'm a high school student, I run track and cross country, and I also wrestle. I've been trying to make some gains strength-wise, so I started on the 5x5 program. Recently, I've been unable to complete relatively low weights (195 squat, 155 bench, 235 deadlift when I'm a 5'10", 168 pound male). I have a feeling this is due to bad form or an inconsistency with my schedule, so I was thinking of restarting to try and improve both, especially with the time I'll have from summer. However, I'm planning on running a marathon in the fall (my official 18 week training program starts in about a week). The program has running almost every day of the week (the two I'm thinking are here and here, but I'm not stuck to a program, so I can go easier or harder). I know long distance doesn't really work with weightlifting (at least not competitively), but I'm not doing anything competitive with either; I'm just looking for some gains in both running and strength. I could also drop a few pounds, just to trim around the edges (in January, I was 140 for wrestling, but was cutting hard to be there). Nothing I've found so far accommodates for actually running a marathon, so I was wondering if anyone knew of anything, program wise, diet wise, etc. TL;DR I'm I high school student who'd like to run a marathon, make some strength gains, and drop a couple pounds. Is there a weightlifting program that accommodates marathon training or vice versa? If so, what dietary changes will I need to make?