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  1. Scale

    I think the problem had to do with multiple users and multiple MFP accounts. We reset everything last night and I think it is working now.
  2. Scale

    Its not showing up as active or connected. I hit connect, punch my password in an allow it to be shared. Then when I go back to the apps page, its as though I did nothing. I'll have to check my network, but the fitbit dashboard seems to be working great.
  3. Scale

    I picked up the fitbit scale the other day. I found setting up my family on the scale a little finicky, but we are now all users. My kids are under 18, so I had to fudge their birthdays as fitbit won't allow under 18 ages for some reason. I'm not overly concerned about my kids weight, however they compete in karate and weight classes come into play. The scale itself seems pretty slick. My only concern is more with fitness pal than the scale. Fitness pal won't connect. I go through the connect process and everything seems to work, but the fitbit scale is never connect on the website. The fitbit website shows it is sharing the info with fitness pal. So somehow I'm messing that up. Does anyone have similar problems?
  4. Scale

    I'm not in too much of a rush to get one. I've just started looking and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. If/When I get one, I'll review it here.
  5. Scale

    Jasper, so do you recommend an old school column, physician's scale vs the more high tech, scales, such as the fitbit and withings?
  6. Scale

    I'm looking at getting a fancy new scale this year. Mine seems very inaccurate as my weight can change by a few pounds every few minutes. I'm looking at both the Withings and Fitbit products. Any experience with either product?
  7. 250Lb Squat Stall

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm possibly on my last deload for 5x5 and if I still can't get past 250, I'll switch to 3x5. Its nice to know that I seem reasonably normal with regard to my weight lifting progression. Raincoat, today at 225lbs, 5x5, I was concentrating on depth, in particular where my elbows are in relation to my thighs. With low bar, I think if the elbows are at or near your thighs, your depth is ok.
  8. Deadlift Injury

    I agree with regards to keeping it tight.
  9. Deadlift Injury

    Next time I take a video, I'll make sure my setup is in. I only wear socks doing DL and squats. I aim for middle of the foot and I make sure my arms are vertical over the bar. Then I lift and hope nothing hurts.
  10. Deadlift Injury

    So if I'm still not doing well with my next DL, I think I'll deload again, and pay extra attention to form and breathing. The initial lift point is by far the week link in my DL.
  11. 250Lb Squat Stall

    Next time I do a vid, I'll have a better angle to assess depth. I'm not going ATG, but I am aiming for below parallel. Next workout, I'll got to 225lbs and if I stall again, I believe I should switch to 3x5. Thanks for the replies.
  12. 250Lb Squat Stall

    Now onto my second problem. Its not so much a problem. I just think I may have unrealistic expectations. I've stalled twice at the same weight squating, so I'm on to my second deload. I just can't get a full 5x5 at 250lbs. Getting to 250 the second time around was definitely easier, but I wasn't able to get beyond 250lbs. My goal was to reach 315lbs before changing to 3x5. Is this somewhat unrealistic. Also, is there anything wrong with delaying going to 3x5 other than possibly delaying progress. Again, I've been doing stronglifts since Nov 2013 and this is the first time back at the gym in 10 years or so. I'm 34, male, 6' and ~200lbs. Here I am squating 245lbs I believe. It was my last set of 5x5. Not perfect form, but I wasn't too unhappy with it.
  13. Deadlift Injury

    I agree with regards to the hips. I think my back should be more upright for the first half of the lift. I am working on that, but I think I may require another deload. I do touch the ground between reps, but I guess I should take a little more time between reps.
  14. Deadlift Injury

    So for deadlifts this morning, I started with 135x5 for 2, then 205x5 for 1, then 275x2, but I just didn't feel it for for my working weight of 290lbs, so I pulled the weight off, did another 5 @ 205lbs and called it a day. My back is feeling ok, but I'm being very careful not to mess things up.
  15. Deadlift Injury

    Here are 2 videos if me deadlifting. Of course no injury following these pulls. I'm posting of an iPad, so I don't have all the link options available. Thanks for the advice.