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  1. The 200Lbs Rule

    You're a mod and you feel bad creating topics? Where is this world going....
  2. The 200Lbs Rule

    My 70s big role model, obviously:
  3. The 200Lbs Rule

    That's an awesome picture, Steve! Looking beastly strong... Only the shorts could be shorter
  4. The 200Lbs Rule

    I suspected you meant that, but I got confused because you mentioned shorts, which are not visible in that picture. Plus I kind of hoped it would be this one.
  5. The 200Lbs Rule

    Well, this should be fun! I'm not sure what you mean by a Doug Young pose, though.
  6. The 200Lbs Rule

    It's just a lifestyle desire for some guys. They want to be big and strong and not care about leanness beyond the 'not being a fat slob'-level. Other people might want to be bodybuilders, still others desire the 'Tyler Durden'-look, also known as the swimmers' body. Everyone judges others by their own standards. 70s big enthusiasts consider everyone below 200lbs small and weak, bodybuilders consider the Tyler Durdens small and the 70s guys fat and unathletic. The Durdens consider both 70s guys and bodybuilders too bulky. Etc. Also, I think you mean you could not care less...? Right, but the 70s big guys wouldn't care being around 20% bodyfat, as long as they're beastly strong. That's the whole point of being 70s big.
  7. The 200Lbs Rule

    That may be so, but how is that relevant for people whose goal it is to become 70s big? Unless they also want to play rugby at a World Championship's level, I don't think your average 70s big enthusiast would care if he was as 'fat' as Piri Weepu. Nobody denies that Cecil Afrika is an incredible athlete. He's just not 70s big... Usain Bolt is also an incredible athlete, but he's not 70s big either. Of course you can't really have many really big guys in your Sevens team. But people like Frankie Horne ( 6ft, 231; 183cm, 105kg) would still be considered 70s big, I guess.
  8. The 200Lbs Rule

    Not entirely correct. I consider the 200lbs benchmark (which is the topic at hand) just fine for guys who want to be 70s big. I don't think GOMAD is appropriate for every guy under 200lbs, nor do I necessarily support any other recommendations in the article. It's only the 200lbs benchmark that I support.
  9. The 200Lbs Rule

    Actually, I wouldn't find a 100kg benchmark unreasonable. After all, we're not talking about looking athletic, but about being huge. I do agree however, that recommending GOMAD to everyone under 200lbs is exaggerated. But let's not kid ourselves here. If you have a small frame and you really want to be huge, you're going to have to take some drastic measures. If I had a quarter for every time I heard "I can't gain weight, no matter what I do"..... At least GOMAD is guaranteed to work. Bismarck may not be entirely natural, but considering that he does a ton of additional conditioning work and he's more than 50lbs over the benchmark, I don't think this disqualifies the message. It's entirely possible for the average Joe, 5"11 to get to 200lbs over time without ballooning over 20% BF, and he wouldn't even look that head-turningly huge by then.
  10. The 200Lbs Rule

    I'm sure they are, but they're not trying to be 70s big, they're trying to look like bodybuilders, which is something entirely different. Bismarck du Plessis wouldn't win any bodybuilding competition walking on the stage like that either.
  11. The 200Lbs Rule

    Impressive lift!
  12. The 200Lbs Rule

    @Frotabaga: interesting. I will check it out when I'm near a measuring tape again. @Chris: I harbor no hard feelings against anyone here. However, if I found out there was a 14yo girl somewhere, who warmed up her bench with my deadlift PR, I would cry. @Daniel: LOL I totally forgot you posted pics of yourself. Otherwise you would definitely make the list.
  13. The 200Lbs Rule

    Seeing how quickly Bale accomplished this, I suspect there were some roids involved, because muscle memory can only take you so far. However, dedicate 5 years to it, and I don't see why it wouldn't be possible for the "naturally skinny". I'm sure losing lean mass is involved when losing weight, but that doesn't mean being 200lbs is suddenly an unholy lot of weight on an average male frame. Especially when one wants to call himself 70s big.... Also, my goal is not to be 70s big at all, and although I like 70s big and the way they approach fitness, I'm not going to take everything they say at face value. I realize you and I are coming from the other side; but that doesn't mean their benchmark for being big suddenly becomes meaningless. I know lots of guys at the gym who would benefit from being less scared to put on some weight. Not that they necessarily need to achieve that 200lbs in one or two months, but gaining, say 2lbs a month would do most of them a lot of good, as it has my workout buddy.
  14. The 200Lbs Rule

    You might very well be right, but I guess we'll never find out. I have no desire to get that low in bodyweight or BF%. Dafuq have I ever done to you, man?
  15. The 200Lbs Rule

    So you're basically saying this is impossible (at least without steroids)?