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  1. Cipro Tendon Damage

    UPDATE Just completed bicep tendon reattachment surgery using the Endobutton technique and it was a complete success. The surgeon did confim the tendon was not of the best quality. Prior to the surgery I met with a Rehab Specialist and then a Chiropracter. Both left me confident of a complete recovery with 6 months. Looking forward to it.
  2. Torn Bicep

    I just posted a similar experience. I blew my bicep tendon at the elbow, complete rupture....If you tendon is ruptured you're looking at surgery, 4 weeks in a cast and 6 months physio. Hope your tendon survived that injury and best of luck in your recovery.
  3. Cipro Tendon Damage

    Recently suffered a distal bicep tendon rupture in my left arm. A week earlier, felt pain in the same spot on my right arm after training. The intensity of my training on both occasions is best descriped as light, and yet I had pain the first week, and a catastrophic rupture requiring surgical repair the second week. Both of these happened in March 2014 and had not training much since January. When consulting with my physical after the rupture, the first thing he asked me was if I had taken any antibiotics recently. I told him that I had taken Cipro in January for 10 days. I just so happen to be taking large doses of 1% hydrocortizone topical cream for a skin condition. It seems that Cipro on it's own can cause tenden damage, but when combined with the steroid, the risk increases significantly Both my injuries stem from the use of these prescription drugs more than 2 months prior. The FDA warns that tendon damage can last up to 12 months after the medication is stopped. Needless to say this is concerning, beyond my upcoming surgery, but towards the overall health of my tendons and ligaments and risk of more injury in the future due to this drugs. While I recover from the surgery, I want to rehabilitate my body where possible and I'm looking for a good program that focuses on nutrition, supplementation and tendon and ligament strengthening as a key part of an overall strengthening program. Any suggestions a certainly welcome. Thanks, and watch out for Cipro...