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  1. Torn Bicep

    UPDATE! Not the best of news. I finally went to see my physiotherapist and she assessed that I have a torn pectoral as well. I should have known because my chest was a bit swollen. Funny that the two walk in clinic doctors didn't even consider a pec tear. As the days go by, I think it may be more of a pectoral issue rather than a bicep issue (contrary to how my arm looks). Well, physio gave me a bunch of exercises with "soup cans"...I wonder if I should use tomato or cream of mushroom? Sigh. I miss 5x5's.
  2. Torn Bicep

    Thanks guys! You are awesome and a definite encouragement! I'm going to see a specialist this week. I'll take a few weeks off for sure, but look forward to and dream of when I'll train again.
  3. Torn Bicep

    Yesterday on my early morning 5x5 workout I tore my right bicep. I already finished all my squats and on my 4th rep on my 5th set on my bench, I felt a shock on my shoulder and the weight collapsed on my chest. I went to two doctors (mind you they were just Docs in walk in clinics) that diagnosed me with torn Bicep muscle. They were not certain yet if I tore the tendon, it will be assessed in a few days hopefully by a specialist. Has anyone gone through this? I wonder what is the rehabilitation time? What can I do in the meanwhile? Damn, this is really depressing for me. I was making so many gains and feeling the best physically in my life.