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  1. Adnan Powerlifting Gear

    Hi Adnan, check out https://www.reship.com/ for shipping outside the U.S. I've used them to buy things from companies that don't ship outside U.S. Reship gives you an address in Oregon and then ships to you. This only makes sense it the Seller offers free shipping inside U.S.A. So far so good.
  2. Lower Back Soreness For 3 Wks

    Sitting cross legged puts you in a rounded back position. I'd suggest you lay off the back squats and deads for a bit and learn how to do hip hinges. I cured my 20 years of low back pain with tennis ball massage for the trigger points and hip hinges. To do these latter take a stance a little bit wider than your shoulders, with a slight bend in the knees and thrust your butt backwards, then thrust it forwards to rise up. This exercise is called a Good Morning. Do these daily for a few days and then hit the gym. With regard to squats, I'd suggest you learn to do Front Squats before returning to Back Squats, they not only teach you how to squat without excessive forward lean, (Front Squats should have no forward lean), they will also get you you good at squatting. With regard to deads, the thing to remember is to raise the chest up prior to pulling, people who don't do so tend to have a rounded lower back during the pull, not good at all. Rack Pulls are a good way to learn to deadlift, they teach the hip hinge well, you might do a few of those too.
  3. Art, Firefox now has a Feature called "Reader View", that blocks those and some of the other crap found on so many pages today. Amazing, in fact. It made that page look like a text file.
  4. 30 \ 30 Squat Challenge

    In a coffee shop, squatting in front of a laptop. Looks funny, but I've started
  5. Adding Farmer's Walk To Sl 5X5

    That's the idea, I used to be the guy with the "Bad Back".
  6. Adding Farmer's Walk To Sl 5X5

    I think I'm going to do them thrice weekly, but different forms each day, so M two handed, W one handed (suitcase style), and F goblet style (held in front). This last may be difficult to implement as the dumbells I have access to go up to 110 lbs only. I'm thinking I might be able to hold two together in front. The weights that challenge my grip don't seem to impede recovery, so I'm looking forward to next week. Also looking forward to your experience.
  7. Madcow And Assistance

    Oops! You're righ,t they're in their on the Friday in the small print. I did the program for several months without them, probably saw them as "Bodybuilding Crap".
  8. Adding Farmer's Walk To Sl 5X5

    I've recently started doing them again and find that they don't seem to interfere with recovery from strength training. I'vejust started mind you so I'm going to follow this thread to see the replies. Are you thinking of doing them after every training session?
  9. Madcow And Assistance

    I don't believe it has either curls or triceps extensions in it. At the wieights the OP is lifting I'd suggest sticking with the program and getting stronger. When I was doing Madcow intermediate I was tired all the time and at not a lotmore weight than you're doing.
  10. No Sleep After Lifting

    Are you able to train in the mornings? I assume that the reason you can't get to sleep is increased metabolism, pulse, respiration, etc are increased.