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    220. All PR's are pre-injury. Only BW is current.
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    DL - 375, PC - 185
  1. The Goal (Or Accountability) Thread

    Goals - by Dec 2015 DL 405x3 Squat 315x5 bench 205x5 Press 155x5
  2. You can always order some jumpstretch bands for assistance or use an assistance machine.
  3. Three weeks into this, my body is liking it. I'm experiencing very little soreness and my recovery has been much better than I expected. Perhaps this will change as the weight gets bigger. I'm definitely seeing the logic of 3x5. I got to where I was before my injury with ramped sets from the beginning. I can see how this way drives home better form and gives you more time under the bar at challenging-but-not balls-to-the-walls weights. I've also been taking casein at night. That could be helping, too.
  4. I thought it would be a good idea to check in here and post a training log. It's my third week back after a year layoff caused by a combination of rotator cuff tear (from playing soccer of all things!), new job, and long distance relationship. Current listed maxes are old and actually a little less than my last set of pre-injury PRs. Previously, I was running 5-3-1, after basically running out beginner gains while during crossfit. Eventually I quite crossfit because it was getting if the way of my lifting. I had never run a linear program and feel like I lost out a little. This program seems like a perfect route back post injury.
  5. Power Cleans In 531

    Cool. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Power Cleans In 531

    Do you do a 5 3 1 scheme for it or do you go lighter?
  7. Power Cleans In 531

    I know Wendler recommends doing them on a lower body day as as a warm up, before the main lift. Is anybody here doing that? If you do, you you find it messes with your main lift? I had been doing them on press day, after pressing, because I also like to do C&P and C&J's. Is this bad idea? I was basically using press day as my Oly lift day (minus snatches). I'm switching up my assistance template a little by switching to close grip bench after press . My hesitation is that I do front squats after deadlifts. Adding cleans seems like too much.
  8. Starting Dips - A Good Program To Follow?

    If you have access to bands, you might want to try using them instead of the machine.
  9. Quad Dominant?

    Same kind of thing used to happen to me. I did (and still do!) lots of extra mobility work. It took me about 3 months to get properly sorted out. or or
  10. For a while, I was buying Celsius at the gym if I felt like I needed a lift. It was OK, but both for cost and because I think it's probably healthier, I just a Vivarin 30 minutes before workout. 200mg caffein, very cheap. Works great. Other than that, the only think I take is MegaRed Krill Oil, one per day and whey protein. I've thought about creatine and may give it a go at some point, but I haven't gone there yet.
  11. Accelerated 5 3 1 For An Advanced Beginner

    Yeah, you are right. I should just leave it alone, or dump it for a pure linear progression for a bit. You make a good point about the injury thing. Part of the reason I like the Wendler program in the first place is injury prevention. No reason to get greedy.
  12. Accelerated 5 3 1 For An Advanced Beginner

    The problem with sticking to the program exactly is that I feel like I am getting too many reps in my AMRAP sets. For example, I did squats on my "3" week today and I got 10 reps. That's with me bumping up 15 lbs from last cycle. With me bumping up 10 on my bench, I was still able to get 9 on the 5 week and 8 on the 3 week. Also Wendler for beginners is a 3 day split and 4 days is better for me. I think I will run one or two more cycles with bigger training max bumps, then pull it back. If I'm making the numbers, I don't see the harm.
  13. Accelerated 5 3 1 For An Advanced Beginner

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. Carl, I like the idea of autoregulation. I think for me, though, what would be best is for me to look at my AMRAP numbers and decide from month to month how much to increase. Last month, I did a 10 lb increase for bench, 5 lb for OHP, and 15 for dead and back squat. Next month, I think I'm going for 20 on the lower, 10 bench, and 5 OHP. As an experiment, I'm doing 3x5 Front squat on a linear at 5lbs per week, too.
  14. From April of last year until November, I was doing Crossfit after doing absolutely nothing for a long time. Until late October, I was making the strength gains you would expect from a total beginner. Then I started to stall. Then I got injured. I talked to the coach about wanting more strength focus. He suggested using Wendler as opposed to a linear progression. I tried this for a month, but I found I wasn't recovering well. I came to the conclusion that at my age, 41, I wasn't going to be able to do Crossfit AND do serious strength training without injury and suffering. So I decided to focus on strength for a while and maybe go back to Crossfit when I meet my strength goals. Now that I'm not crushing myself at Crossfit, I feel MUCH stronger and I think I could be making more gains. I REALLY like the recovery I get from a 4 day split. I dropped the crossfit a fews ago and I started doing Wendler 4 days per week. This is my current program. I'm two weeks in. Monday - Back Squat 531, Power Cleans, Back Extensions. Tuesday - Rest Wednesday - Bench 531, Incline Dumbell Press 3x10, Chins, Leg Raises Thursday - Deadlift 531, Front Squat 3x5 (3x5), Back Extensions Friday - Rest Saturday - OHP 531, Push Press 3x3 (ramped), Dips, Leg Raises. So, here's my question. Since I'm still getting novice gains, shouldn't I be able to increase my training maxes by more (2x??) for a period of time? Or should I dump the Wendler and start running 3x5 linear progressions for all my lifts? Or just leave it along and run it as it's written, even though it's meant for move advanced lifters. Any feedback would be appreciated!