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  1. Personally my goal is to have - at least 1 piece of fruit - 2 servings of spinach - 2 servings of broccoli daily. On top of that I've been having kidney beans, rice and sweetcorn daily (easy, cheap, filling, healthy and tasty) so I guess I could count them (a serving is generally 80g, sweetcorn and kidney beans both have about 3 servings in them) towards it as well, and then there's whatever veg is served with dinner too. Looking at what I've listed, that's a total of about 11 (!!) servings, but then I've got several servings coming from the same plant food, so in reality I'm getting about 5 variations of plant food there.
  2. Cheers Berin. It's just a case of not getting annoyed and then stopping stuff altogether, which has happened all too much. But it won't get better from nothing, so gotta do something! And Max, everything you said's pretty awesome, and is also what I'm going for. Diesel Protocol is being done, although some of the movements don't feel great (ironically) but there are some similar ones I can do. Foam rolling and lacrosse balling is being done...recently found that placing the ball in the side of your shoulder, leaning into the wall and just pressing my weight into the ball/rolling around is bloody amazing. Also found way to use it for neck relief, which is even better.
  3. Yeah, Matiah, it is a pretty huge imbalance. Most physios have been amazed at how bad it is! I've been able to include a form of vertical pulling as well now, something I wasn't able to do beforehand since pull/chin ups end up with my traps/neck tightening like hell and shoulders hurting. Basically I've nicked my mum's resistance cables (she tried the weights but didn't like it, brought a "bodylastics" kit) and hook them up to a strap that I put on the rack on the overhead bar at the back (or whatever that bit's called) Then I just walk back loads so that the cables have plenty of tension in them, bend over as if I were doing a barbell row and pull back on the cables. It might not be perfect, but it's the closest I can get to a vertical pull at the moment, and feel like it does some good - it definitely doesn't feel the same as a pull up with what it works (little to no lats) but the middle of my back definitely felt used after I did this. Piece by piece.
  4. Yeah, it's a serious piss-take these days, but I feel that I'm genuinely on the way to sorting things out, or at least getting things under control. These days just about anything I do ends up with my neck tense and my shoulders naturally shrugged up - lying in bed on my side? Shoulders are climbing towards my ears. Playing a scary or intense video game? Shrugged. Hell, I even get tight and shrugged in that area if I just do pushups! But a bit of google searching has revealed two places fairly close by that do sports massages, I'm gonna get in touch with them tomorrow and ask about their prices, see if I can get a deal for going regularly, and since they're both physio places if that's still something I want to do I can kill 2 birds with one stone (and hopefully get a deal for it!)
  5. Time to undo all my hard work with summa dat dere comfort eating since you're such a bully... But jokes aside, it's going sort of well. I was out of town visiting a friend for a while so I didn't really give a damn about cutting too much, especially since (1) he's from a German family, which means lots of tasty, rich food, and (2) it was his birthday while I was down there, which means lots of tasty, rich food, as well as (3) we're students and his parents were gone, which means lots of tasty, rich food and lots of booze. I got thrashed at Wii Tennis both drunk and sober... In any case, I've lost the weight I gained while I was there, and am feeling good about the training - changed things to a push+legs / pull split, since I need more back work being done and felt that it was better to devote a whole day to it, rather than adding on loads of sets at the end of a 5x5 workout, since that would just take too long. I'm going back to see a shoulder specialist next week and see what the future holds...I'm thinking that it may purely be that I have a very, very severe case of upper cross syndrome at this point, ie brutally tight muscles in my chest, biceps, neck and traps, and a whole load of weak ones around my upper/mid back. No physio (I've seen 2 or 3 for several sessions by this point) has been able to diagnose anything else or severe, and when one suggested it was a SLAP tear, the MRI showed it was fine, although the specialist, just like the physios, did say it looks like I've got impingement, which often comes as a result of upper cross syndrome. This is just pure assumption though, and time will tell. If it is the case, though, I'm not sure if there's any point in going to see another physio vs getting regular deep tissue massages, along with my own stretching/deep tissue work and training/rehab work alongside it. Being injured sure does suck!
  6. Can't say I relate to feeling sad without hearing music, although I'd be lying if I didn't imagine myself either sometimes being good enough to sing/play songs or imagining it as a soundtrack to awesomeness. Woodkid's "run boy run" was made for that, though, so it makes me feel like less of a child with that in mind.
  7. Ha, it's funny you mention MyFitnessPal, Jim, since my brother recommended it to me recently. It's pretty awesome to have a calorie/macro counter on my phone, saves me having to run to my laptop to punch things into it, and also the app is awesome - I love how you can scan barcodes with it and, 9 out of 10 times, it instantly finds the thing, it's a nice touch. Also, 2lb weight loss a week? I'm surprised that your strength didn't sap away, I've always heard that 2lbs a week is on the high end of safe weight gain and always leaves you feeling drained. Good job, man. Simon, the thing is that, food-wise, I don't have that many bad habits that I can rely on cutting out to make good changes, haha. Rarely ever have junk food - hell, I consider milk or bread (anytihng with gluten) to be a cheat food, just because I'm slightly gluten/lactose intolerant. I generally eat pretty clean; fruits, veggies, starches and meats, barely anything at all in terms of chocolate, sweets or junk food like pizza and stuff. In terms of a lifestyle change though, I think that now I'm exercising again that my weight is gonna change a helluva lot, if nothing else just because of the fact that I'm active again. My maintenance was around 2000-2200 calories on all calculators if I chose my exercise level as sedentary, which I've been for most of the year just due to how my bad shoulders have left me pissed off and almost exercise-depressed, and it's been that way since October of last year, from what I remember. So for the better part of a year I've been doing no real, consistent exercise, which has probably given me a maintenance of the low 2000 calories, and yet I've been assuming that 2,000 would be enough to lose weight this whole time...you add to that the reality that my "exercise depression" has also meant I've been incredibly lax this whole time when it comes to food, not counting calories etc, then it's no surprise that I've gained weight over time. Still, it's time for that to change! PS - did my squat/press/deadlift workout yesterday. It seems when I tested out the OHP the other day that it was just a good day for me, as my shoulders didn't like it much. Subbed it out for handstand push up progressions, which seem to be fine.
  8. Wow, Doug, that really puts your weight loss into perspective. At first I assumed that you knew, from the get-go, how much you had to lose, but knowing that you initially wanted to lose 30lbs, and have found out that you need to lose nearly twice that much, it makes your weight loss that much more impressive. That's consistency and mental grit there, I can imagine that a lot of people would have had enough of cutting after 30lbs and would have just stopped losing, even if they found out they should lose more, just for a respite. That's why I'm allowing up to 15 kilos of fat loss; it may leave me damn skinny, but if I need to lose the fat, I need to lose it. Hopefully I'll look a helluva lot leaner around the 70 kilo mark, but if I need to drop to 65 to cut the flub, then so be it. One thing that should make it fairly easy, though, is the combo of kitchen scales and my phone, since I'll be able to figure out my dinner's caloric value as I'm serving myself at the table - planning a diet based on breakfast, lunch etc throughout the day is well and good, but when you live with your mum and brother you don't have much control over what's cooked for dinner, so I'm leaving 4-600 calories uneaten for that meal.
  9. Thanks for all the posts so far guys, really appreciate it. I've been planning to, and been eating, about 2,000 calories daily, as I figured that that would be a good amount to lose weight on. But after using a few online calculators, inputting my age, height, weight, and in some cases bodyfat, they've given me a maintenance level of about 2700/2800. I used Eric Helms' method as given in that series that Doug showed (BW in pounds, x10, multiplied by activity level on a scale of 1.3 - 2.3) and it's given me the same amount. I'm a bit surprised that the maintenance is so high, though, as I assume that I'd be gaining weight on that much, not maintaining! Then again, I've only recently begun exercising again, so that would explain that, I guess. (Just set my exercise level to "sedentary" and the calculators gave a much lower maintenance level, which makes sense) So with all that in mind, a minor bump of an extra 200 calories should work well to put me in a 500 calorie deficit, and a .5 kilo loss a week. Just gotta keep active and make sure that I count everything to make sure I'm right!
  10. Doug, awesome post man - thanks for the advice and video, I'll definitely watch the lot of them, and also awesome progress man, that is some consistent cutting right there! Mike, yeah, everything I've read has said pretty much the same. Neil - I have a feeling I won't dip that low to be fair, probably more than 70KG instead. As for the free food, that may just motivate me to photoshop my head onto a sickly skinny person's body...just remember, gluten free burger buns! Michail - yeah, I can see pretty much everything you said being the case, especially the whole thing about feeling more confident about eating big for bigger strength gains too, and I'm pretty sure there was a thread here a while back (many months) where we talked about how being lean makes it actually harder to put on fat/easier to gain muscle than it would be if you were at high bodyfat percentage.
  11. Haha, I'm not too far off. 82 as of this morning, but it's nowhere near a lean 82. I have a 36 inch waist, maybe even 37. Probably BF% of about 23, maybe even higher. Just not happy with how things are at all, and want to lose the fat.
  12. So as the title says, I'm looking to lose about 15 kilos, as I've got a lot of fat on my frame that I want to shed. Assuming I lose half a kilo a week (a pound) that would total up to about 2 kilos, or 4 pounds, of weight loss per month, clocking up to a total of 7.5 months cutting...that assumes that I lose that much each week, without fail, as well, so in reality probably longer. With that in mind, are there any things I need to be aware of? Metabolism issues that might crop up that could ruin things for me? The plan is to eat about 2,000 calories a day while doing strength training 3 times weekly, and cardio 2-3 times a week. The plan is that I'll be able to prevent too much muscle loss through the strength training, with the cardio just giving me the benefits of getting fit, as my resting heart rate, lung capacity etc are all terrible. In short, is it likely that I'll run into some kind of metabolism break-down, or any other kind of serious issue while losing weight for the better part of a year, or will I be fine so long as I keep the strength training up and don't drop my calories too low?
  13. 3 weeks after getting that cortisone jab in my left shoulder, it seems to handle pushups better even than my right one. Planning to ease my way back into things at last! =)

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      yaaaaaayyyy Beasley - glad it seems to be working out for you...nice and steady is the key :D

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  14. The Goal (Or Accountability) Thread

    Back once again after another period of time away. I'm not sure if this thread should be kept going, simply because I don't know who's still using this to gauge their progress or not.
  15. The Squat

    Something else that may help (no idea if you already do it) is IT band foam rolling. I used to find I would sometimes get pain in my knee, anyway from the front to the side to behind, and foam rolling seemed to help. IT band tightness can be felt at the knees, so it could help. And Boldbouncer, glad to hear it. It's probably just a case of you not quite being flexible enough to hold it the way you are, so I'd recommend having a thumbless grip. Also, you could always do the usual stretch chest/traps and strengthen the back protocol, since that usually helps with just about anything.