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  1. Were you doing Lifting workouts or Cardio? Ive been toying with this idea but I was planning on "Mon-Lift, Eat Tues-Fast,Run(Protein shake and complex carbs after running) Wed-Lift, Eat Rinse and repeat..."
  2. Hard Reset?

    Thanks guys, like I said I really want to focus on form this time so I think a 50% sounds good. Light enough to adjust, but enough to still feel like I worked out. That empty bar is oh so boring now, haha.
  3. Hard Reset?

    So I have been doing the stronglifts routine on and off for a few months. I feel like I need to work on my form a bit, but I've almost got it. I was at about 190lbs squat, 145lbs bench, 225lbs DL (never tried to max) and so on. I havent been in about 3 weeks due to popping a hammie last time I was stretching. And leading up to that, i was going only maybe 2x a week. I wasn't truly adding 5lbs each time, I was really just all over the place with whatever felt good or what cute girl was looking. Long story short, I got my little brother to finally start coming to the gym with me. I talked him into the SL 5x5 and had him start with the bar. My question is, should I start back with him (being that it will be easy for us at the same weight and I've taken so much time off worried about my hammie) and work my way back up? Or am I just wasting my time and I should get back at a comfortable weight without breaking form? I really need to get some form check videos on here, but as far as I and everyone else in my gym can tell, my form is pretty good. Also, anyone have any good ways of stretching and getting my hamstrings more flexible? I slipped a disc in my back at the beginning of summer from stretching them and my right one is always sooo damn tight.