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  1. Dup Program

    To be honest the first thought that comes to my mind when I look at this is that it's too much. If you have been doing 3 x week frequency, increasing to 7 x week all of a sudden will run you to the ground, I'd recommend taking some time to increase the frequency gradually. Also beware of 4 x week deadlifts, they are not like squats or other fast lifts which are more easy to recover from. What's your current level, depending on where you're at a more straightforward program might suit you better.
  2. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is much more sustainable in the long run than following any fad. Just make sure you understand what eating clean means.
  3. Carbs

    In my experience carbs (complex ones) works better than no-carbs. I've done both to get to the 10-11% body fat range, and I've found having plenty of carbs is more sustainable in the long run, it also helps with the lifting, and general well being. All supplements are pretty useless IMO. The way I see it needing a supplement simply means your diet is lacking.
  4. Eat Stop Eat

    it's a fad. You can do it if that eating schedule will make your life easier in any way. It won't make or break your training.
  5. What's Your Fastest Mile?

    I ran a 6 minutes mile this morning
  6. Abbreviated Bodybuilding Program

    Thank you Simon!
  7. Abbreviated Bodybuilding Program

    Thanks man! I'm pretty happy with my gains, grew bigger all over.
  8. Abbreviated Bodybuilding Program

    This is something I used for a good part of last year while bulking from 153lb to 197lb. Day 1 Paused Squat: 110% Squat: 3 x 5-10 Day 2 Paused Bench Press: 110% Bench Press: 3 x 5-10 Power Clean: 110% Power Clean: 3 x 1-3 Day 3 Same as Day 1 Day 4 Press: 110% Press: 3 x 5-10 Deadlift: 110% Deadlift 1 x 5-10 Notes 3 x 5-10 This means to do 3 sets of 5 reps then increase the reps each session (3x6, 3x7, etc.) until you reach 3x10, then add 5lb and re-start from 3x5, and so on. 3 x 1-3 This is the same as above but going from 1 rep to 3 reps. 1 x 5-10 This is same but just one set. 110% This means that you work up to a single using 10% more that what you're going to use on your work sets, so when you add weight to your work sets you have to recalculate this. For Squats and Bench Press do the paused version of the lift on these. Results Squat went from 225lb 3x10 to 250lb 3x10 Bench Press went from 185lb 3x10 to 195lb 3x10 Power Cleans went from 205lb x 1/185lb 3x3 to 220lb x 1/200lb 3x3 Press went from 135lb 3x10 to 145lb 3x10 Deadlift went from 330lb x 10 to 340lb x 10
  9. Am I Ready To Start 5/3/1?

    "If whether you are ready asking you need, then ready you are not." -little green man who levitates spaceships
  10. Olympic Lifts For Trap Growth

    Power Cleans make my traps cry, but this is probably due to my crappy form so... Power Cleans with crappy form are best for traps
  11. Diet Advice For New Sl 5X5 Lifter

    This coming from somebody who's tried all the diets, timings, macros splits, etc, and had good results with all of them, it doesn't make any real difference. The only two things that are truly gonna matter in the long run are hard work and consistency. A little common sense doesn't hurt either.
  12. Top 10 Exercises For Back Training

    I like deadlifts and power cleans for working the whole back, chinups work well for width, not that much for thickness in my case.
  13. Cutting Some Fat

    Going from 20 to 15 in a month is not gonna happen unless you were 15 before for a while and it's your set point. Also if your running is being increased considerably I wouldn't lower calories just yet and wait until you've adapted to the new stimulus, otherwise you're gonna lose a lot of muscle.