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  1. The meh is strong today!

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      Good, good.. Use your apathetic feelings. Let the meh flow through you!

  2. Man I'm Pretty

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      Welcome to the team

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      Enough about you, let's talk about me, Johnny Bravo

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      But who was legs?

  3. Yohimbe

    I got some a while back, I had a look at this before getting some, there wasn't any noticeable differences for me and I wont be getting it again. It does work in different ways for different people though I was having coffee first thing [07:00] then 7 caps of the yohimbe and trained fasted, if you can get it cheap then give it a go. I didn't know it interfered with alcohol and prescriptions however
  4. I've put together a template for my own use, thought I'd share it here as well https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e3vq-f2Os1IF0EML5Xr7IbzJYzYmPQeVQ4ezG5DaUuc/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Been eyeing this program for the last few days now, I'm currently spinning my wheels with SL 5x5 after doing two sets of 13 weeks training on them. My numbers aren't amazing: Sq = 107.5 kg, Bench = 65 kg, Rows = 75 kg, OHP = 45 kg and DL = 135 kg After returning from a short break my legs still have not recovered and squatting 3x a week is becoming a bit too much for me to recover from, I've recently started to use the periodization method to my current routine so 3x8 which is working, but I'm thinking about just squatting twice a week I have a few questions though, Press? is that overhead press? Should you deload after three fais [missed reps] 2x8 and last set oft he three AMRAP if you miss reps here at what point does it count as a fail? If it doesn't go over 8? I have started reading GSLP second ed are there anything greatly different from that to this program? Basically what I want to get out of this is hypertrophy and strength gains with minimal lifts per workout but at high intensity
  6. Eat Stop Eat

    Listened to the audio book, there's some really good stuff in there but I'm currently following the Leangains approach I did the 5:2 diet which is the same method but you get a 600 cal 'budget' for the day, I found that if I had breakfast on 5:2 it ruined me for the day [i.e. hangry all day] so I started going all day until the evening without anything so I know I can do the Eat Stop Eat plan I will say I have seen better results on LG over 5:2, but I was only doing cardio on 5:2
  7. ohai! didn't think you'd set up a profile here :)

  8. Things I've Learned, Ghost's Notes

    a real sickness like high fever or cancer of the aids Best quote!