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  1. Need Advice On Squating

    OK in a couple of weeks I will post a vid. Going on holiday tomorrow so can't make one any sooner
  2. Need Advice On Squating

    I have two or three problems with squats. I have had a persistent knee problem for some time, and I thought it had healed but then 2 week in to the 5x5 program it started again! I get pain on the inside of the knee just below the knee cap and when bad spreads to the front of the knee below the knee cap. The other problem is I have a calf problem on the same leg (right leg), again I thought it had healed but on the second set of my first session I felt a pain running down the outside of the calf. I slightly adjusted my stance and this meant I no longer feel any pain unless I revert back and allow my knees to pop out a lot. The third problem (which may just be down to fatigue) is that at the end of the third week my left groin started experiencing pain that would shoot down the inside of my thigh. Yeah I am really injury prone two months prior to starting the 5x5 program I injured my back (recurrance of an nerve problem I think) doing deadlifts. At the time I was deadlifting 150kg (5 reps) without a belt (learnt my lesson bought a belt). So am wrong for adjusting my stance and stopping my knees from popping out and instead just let my calf heal properly? Should I even be atempting to squat? Finally are there any good videos that can show me the proper form for squating? Oh and any advice on my injuries would be welcomed too!! I should mention I am a builder so a large portion of my day is spent lifting and moving heavy objects and this made it difficult for me to maintain leg training before I started stronglifts. Having said that it meant I could deadlift 120kg straight away and squat 90kg within 2 weeks of starting 5x5,.