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  1. One of the main criticisms I see about studies on protein and muscle growth is that there is very little information about the study groups and their workouts. This study, carried out on bodybuilders, got some interesting results: http://www.axiomfoods.com/study-ricevwhey.php I'd be interested to hear what you think.
  2. Quad Dominant?

    Okay, that looks very helpful. Thanks a lot. So when his knees break he can no longer rely on his bone structure for support and because he's quad dominant his quads drive the balls of his feet into the ground causing his raised toes to drop. Would that be an accurate assessment? Not sure he'll have the discipline to do this sort of work. I've managed to convince him that leg workouts are not "for girls" but this might be a step too far. Any idea how long he should do this before he starts to see improvements?
  3. Quad Dominant?

    Forgot to mention I tested his ankle flexibility. He has a good/normal range... The way his toes drop the moment his knees break makes me think it is a strength issue...
  4. Quad Dominant?

    I'm back working out after a long hietus and have a friend who has started working out with me. I'm trying to introduce him to the squat but he really struggles. He seems to be quad-dominant and seems to push off from the balls of his feet (although his heels remain on the ground.) I've read online that you should unload all the weight and, just using the bar, ask the person to keep their toes in the air. We've tried this but his toes just drop back to the ground the moment his knees break. I've also notice his feet move outwards slightly using the descent. Is this just a milder form of the 'heels in the air' problem? Should he focus on strengthening his posterior chain?
  5. Vegetarian Diet For Strength Trainers

    Ahhhh, too good to be true. Thought so. Thanks again spector.
  6. Vegetarian Diet For Strength Trainers

    He states: "The amazing thing about brown rice is that you could have it at every meal and actually lose weight. You can have 10 bowls of rice, because it is so high in fiber and so difficult for your body to break down, it takes more calories for digestion than is found in the rice itself." Is this true? I wasn't able to find anything else on the internet which corroborated.
  7. Spector, Have you read 'How Much Protein?' by Brad Pilon? I'd be interested to know what you think.
  8. Thanks for your responses, Keenan and Aes. Very imformative. And a great thread overall.
  9. This is what has always baffled me... Why am I consuming excess calories when I've got all these excess calories in storage???
  10. Chess

    I played as a kid at county level. I stopped when I left primary school cos there was no chess club at secondary - shame. I played it for a few months at uni with a keen player in my dorm and then got my old computer chess board out when I got home. Despite improving greatly whilst at uni I was amazed to find I couldn't come close to winning at the levels I played at as a kid. I've never been into the idea of discussing the game and learning openings - I've always prefered the challenge of working it out for myself which I guess has always limited me. I remember my strategy as a kid was to just get my Queen out straight away and look to pull a manoeuvre which I would later discover to be called 'forking' haha.
  11. Awesome Videos

    Wow! I'm amazed that someone so slim can be so strong. What dya think his diet looks like?
  12. Applying The Strength Standards To You

    I've been struggling to find articles on what my expectations and goals should be for the next 3-6 months. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Cheers!
  13. Yeah, I realised gram for gram eggs have more. I just couldn't believe how 100g of FnF could have more protein than a single egg. Completely new to all this nutrition stuff. I'll have to look into amino profiles. Thanks.
  14. According to the label, 100g of Fruit 'n' Fibre contains like 9g of protein. I don't understand how this is possible. The cereal is like 90% bran flakes and then you have some dried fruit and a few shavings of nuts. Can there really be more protein in that than an egg??? EDIT: I've just discovered the protein is in the bran flakes.
  15. Plantar Fasciitis

    I get cracking sounds when I stretch, yeah. It's just air in the joint. If the stretching is irritating the tendon then my guess is that you're either stretching too aggressively or you're still injured. It took ages for mine to heal (no pun intended.) I really don't know how long because I'd get pissed off that I hurt myself so easily go back to my lazy lifestyle for the next however many months.