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  1. Does anyone get a pain on the outside of there elbows from low bar squats?

    1. bluestreak


      Yes and it's not a good sign. It's lead to a lot of elbow pain/problems for me. Check this vid (copy and paste it): http://startingstrength.com/index.php/site/platform_the_squat_bar_position

    2. quatie


      thanks for that

  2. Has anyone got a copy of starting strength 3rd edition?

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    2. Kilim


      I got the Paperback from Amazon a week ago. I just scanned it and liked what I saw. 1 plus is clearer pics lol

    3. quatie
    4. lunamud


      Have you read the excerpts on the SS site?

  3. ‎12 weeks of madcow and a 134.5kg squat x5 and a 195kg deadlift x1. Now 2 weeks off...YAY

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    2. spector


      What was the gain?

    3. quatie


      What do you mean?

    4. spector


      How much did your squat and DL improve?

  4. Knee Wraps

    Could someone please help me decide which knee wraps to get.I have no idea https://www.strengthshop.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=knee+wraps&mode=list Thanks
  5. Knee Wraps

    Where can I buy these.Cant seem to find anything Asar?
  6. Knee Wraps

    Does anybody use knee wraps or sleeves for squats, do they offer a decent amount of support/protection to your knees? Which ones do you use?
  7. Deadlift

    Thanks little Simon
  8. Deadlift

    Would you think it would be ok to do the ramped up sets on deadlifts like this 5 4 3 2 5?
  9. Ulnar Nerve

    Well lets see what the physio can do. I will let you know Thanks
  10. Ulnar Nerve

    It’s actually both elbows. It all started when one of the PT’s in my gym suggested taking a slightly narrower grip on bench. Ever since then it has been clicking on any pressing movement. I know I have banged my left elbow pretty hard about 11-12 years ago, but it’s both elbows so that is probably not it. The outer part of my left elbow actually hurts too but only slightly though. Also while doing Rows a few weeks ago my left shoulder felt like it had popped out. My shoulder keeps clicking even when I am not in the gym. Sometimes when I do OHP I get a shooting pain (like an electric shock) down my arm, the side where the Ulnar nerve is. And a couple of time my neck feels like something has popped in it. I am going to be finishing these next 3 weeks of training and then I will be taking 2-3 weeks off. As to my stats, the reason why bench was more is because I injured my back and had to deload on Squats and Deadlifts. So my Bench was over taking my Deadlifts and Squats. And I haven’t updated them in a while. I was doing a 6 day split until 8 months ago then I started doing 5x5. So all I have been doing is all the big movements and then weighed chins and weighted dips. The Dr said that they can operate but they won’t operate on me. I am going to see my physio on Saturday and see what he says, I’m also going to keep going back to the Drs until they sort it out Thanks for your help
  11. Ulnar Nerve

    I have a problem with my ulnar nerve at my elbow (commonly known asthe funny bone) that I would like to identify and see if there isinformation on therapies to help. The problem is this: When I flexmy arms when I am pushing against something, such as doing dips,bench press or OHP or lifting something over my head, my ulnar nerve pops outof the groove it runs through in my elbow joint. It then pops backinto the groove when my arms are near full extension. It happensanytime I exert a moderate amount of force trying to extend my arms(as in the activities mentioned above) when my arm is bent about 80degrees or more. In other words, the more my arms are bent, the more easily it happens, and it does not matter if my arms are moving awayfrom my body or towards my body, as long as I am exerting forceoutward. Sometimes it even happens when I am curling my arm (flexingmy biceps), though not often. This condition severely limits whatupper body exercises I can do. I cannot do any pushups or bench pressexercises unless I do very low weight, keep my hands spread wide sothat my arms are not bent very much, and do not do very many reps. This means it is nearly impossible to exercise my triceps,shoulders and chest. If I try to exercise and ignore the nerve going in and out of the groove, itquickly irritates the nerve, and I have been told that it could cause permanent damage if I were to do this regularly. Would appreciate any help
    1. ScottT


      Looks very nice, very strong lifts. Congrats.

    2. mbroph


      Looks solid to me Quatie. Keep going!

    3. mbroph


      Looks solid to me Quatie. Keep going!

  12. The Right Way To Switch To 3X5 Or 1X5

    What happens when you get to 1x5 and you fail on that.Do you keep deloading and working bck up doing 1x5?
  13. OHP question. On set 4 and 5 on the last rep I have to lean back to get the f****r up. Is it ok to do a push press to get the last rep out? Because its either that or f**k my back up?

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    2. Mike


      If that's your third stall then yes

    3. quatie


      well I keep having to lean back to get the last reps out so There is no way I will manage it on fri

    4. FerrousMaverick


      I keep running into the same thing. If I don't get it on Monday, I'll be deloading. I am concentrating on engaging the abs to keep my back straight, 'cause otherwise my back will get hurt.