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  2. Pain in left inner hip joint in bottom of squat

    Does changing your stance affect your pain levels?
  3. I was doing squats about a week ago at 225lb for 3 sets of 5. I had been going up 5lbs every workout, with 3 workouts a week. I had this pain in my left inner hip area. I felt it when I was in the bottom of the squat, with my knees out. It didn't feel like a muscle injury, it felt like pain in the joint between where my left femur connects with my hip. I took a week off and tried squatting at 185 lb, but I felt that same pain come back when I was in the bottom of the squat. Have any of y'all had experience with this type of pain / injury? What have y'all done to heal this pain / injury? Thanks
  4. Milk Causes Cancer

    This. I also think this is total bullshit. If you take good care of your general health, I don't think that milk will cause any troubles, exept you have a problem with lactose. I keep an eye on my health, using supplements (like that: https://liftmode.com/health-promoting/quercetin.html), eating only good products and doing some exercises weekly. I think this helps a lot.
  5. Wrist pain on bench

    Haha, I don't think you are a wuss! I don't know how long you've had the problem. If it's only a few sessions on a certain movement it's not a big deal I would say but if it persist - check it up with your GP.
  6. Wrist pain on bench

    I don't use wraps. And in the past I've always put my pinkies on the inside ring of the bar with no wrist issue. Its not a big deal yet, but I want to sort it out before it becomes a big deal. Maybe I'm just a big wuss.
  7. Wrist pain on bench

    Strange, i don't know what the problem can be if you are benching at that level :(. Do you experience pain with wrist wraps aswell?
  8. Wrist pain on bench

    I'm benching less than 135lbs, so I hope not. I'm experimenting with how I hold the bar AND wide I hold it. I try to hold it so that when the bar is touching my chest, my wrist is straight and in line with my forearm. I believe, this is correct technique, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Wrist pain on bench

    Could it be just that you are not used to the weights? I also get wrist pain sometimes for bench but i just try to warm up my wrist by shaking and turning them around so it's usually no problem.
  10. Breaking 90 Degree In Squat Problem

    Third world squats everyday and before every session until you can keep depth.
  11. Wrist pain on bench

    So I'm restarting SL5x5 and so my weight on the BP is still embarrassingly low. And I've noticed I'm experiencing wrist pain. If you run your finger along the side of your hand from your thumb towards your wrist, just before you get the wrist, the finger will land in a small depression. This is where the pain is. My wrists are NOT bent back and the bar is close to the heal of my hand. When my arms are fully extended, My wrist is not straight and I think this is where the problem is coming from. I've adjusted my grip to a bull dog grip (?), and it seems to have helped. I think I need to make my grip more narrow, but I'm worried I'm already too narrow. My pinkies are inside of the rings on the bar. I'll post a link to a video of what my grip looks like, for both the BP and the OHP.
  12. This forum looks dead, so I'll add something. I torn my ACL, probably 20 years ago playing rugby. If it wasn't a complete tear, I suspect I finished it off roughly 10 years ago playing squash. Then about 3 years ago, my right knee became unbelievably painful after kneeling on a bed. At the time, I was doing SL5x5 and squatting 255lbs with no regular knee pain. This led to a trip to the doc and an MRI finally diagnosed the full ACL tear and bucket handle meniscus tear. I had surgery to remove the meniscus tear and opted NOT to do ACL tear. My doc said that my knee was doing really well and ACL surgery would lead to a year of recovery. So far I'm opting NOT to do anything about the ACL I also have some lower back issues, nothing major. I think better braising on squats and DL will prevent further injury hear. I'll update this IF something bad happens.
  13. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Hey Guru! I remember you :). Welcome back!
  14. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Sounds like a good plan!
  15. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Cheers guys. Good to be among you again. Started with just the bar (except for deadlift). Let's see how far I go. Have also lost a little BW - standing now at 55 kg. Hoping to touch 60 again soon (hopefully all muscle too hehe).
  16. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Welcome back Guru!
  17. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Oh snap! IronStrong has been pretty quiet lately, good to see you online again!
  18. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Holy crap, it's Guru!
  19. Hi, It has been quite some time since I fell off the bandwagon. Started again last week with 5x5 (my version). Let's see if I can get back to where I was. Can see quite a few familiar names. Don't know if any of you remember me.....
  20. Zalord Wrist Wraps

    Hello!My name is Sam and I just started manufacturing high quality wrist wraps for powerlifting, weightlifting, and crossfit too. Our wrist wrap has top quality and can absolutely compete with best brands in the market. They are nicely designed, heavy duty wrist wraps (18’’, velcro style, unisex design for both men and women). We are currently looking for people to review our product at no cost to them!DETAILS: I’d like to offer 15 of them at just $1.8 to people who are willing to test the wrist wraps give us honest feedback about the product. There is no catch and it is totally legit, because the 90% coupons I will give you will be processed via Amazon. If you are Prime member, you will get free shipping also. If you are interested please contact me via email: sammy.nguyen2011@gmail.com Thank you and I look forward to working with you!
  21. extremely small homegym

    Oh, tiny country, IIRC, with very strict laws in some areas
  22. extremely small homegym

    I live in Holland, Amsterdam
  23. extremely small homegym

    Yeah right now I use a commercial gym, might switch off that in the future, depending on my situation If I decide to go full mobile lifestyle, I'll need a workout I can bring with me What country are you from?
  24. extremely small homegym

    That sounds amazing man.. I understand that you like to live like this. I would do so to... it is sort of a dream but in my country it is to difficult±) Where do you train if i may ask you== EVerytime in another fitness centra or what=
  25. extremely small homegym

    I can pull it with any full size pickup, it's only about 21 feet long Actually a small pickup, like a Ford ranger will pull it, but not up anything steep, it weighs I think 3160 lb from the factory, and My ranger is rated to pull 4000 My van will pull closer to 6500 (light 3/4 ton), or I can use it for a camper if i don't want to pull the TT I actually wanted a Micro camper, but it's hard to live full time in one of those lol I'm just trying to live as cheap and free as i can
  26. extremely small homegym

    wow,, i'd like to live in a travel trailer. But this things are very ucommon in my country. Only gipsy's can ''do'' that or so... But it is great i think, is it easy movable to???
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