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  2. Zalord Wrist Wraps

    Hello!My name is Sam and I just started manufacturing high quality wrist wraps for powerlifting, weightlifting, and crossfit too. Our wrist wrap has top quality and can absolutely compete with best brands in the market. They are nicely designed, heavy duty wrist wraps (18’’, velcro style, unisex design for both men and women). We are currently looking for people to review our product at no cost to them!DETAILS: I’d like to offer 15 of them at just $1.8 to people who are willing to test the wrist wraps give us honest feedback about the product. There is no catch and it is totally legit, because the 90% coupons I will give you will be processed via Amazon. If you are Prime member, you will get free shipping also. If you are interested please contact me via email: sammy.nguyen2011@gmail.com Thank you and I look forward to working with you!
  3. extremely small homegym

    Oh, tiny country, IIRC, with very strict laws in some areas
  4. extremely small homegym

    I live in Holland, Amsterdam
  5. extremely small homegym

    Yeah right now I use a commercial gym, might switch off that in the future, depending on my situation If I decide to go full mobile lifestyle, I'll need a workout I can bring with me What country are you from?
  6. extremely small homegym

    That sounds amazing man.. I understand that you like to live like this. I would do so to... it is sort of a dream but in my country it is to difficult±) Where do you train if i may ask you== EVerytime in another fitness centra or what=
  7. extremely small homegym

    I can pull it with any full size pickup, it's only about 21 feet long Actually a small pickup, like a Ford ranger will pull it, but not up anything steep, it weighs I think 3160 lb from the factory, and My ranger is rated to pull 4000 My van will pull closer to 6500 (light 3/4 ton), or I can use it for a camper if i don't want to pull the TT I actually wanted a Micro camper, but it's hard to live full time in one of those lol I'm just trying to live as cheap and free as i can
  8. extremely small homegym

    wow,, i'd like to live in a travel trailer. But this things are very ucommon in my country. Only gipsy's can ''do'' that or so... But it is great i think, is it easy movable to???
  9. extremely small homegym

    no, had one when I lived in an apartment, now I live in a travel trailer, definitely no room for a home gym unless outside
  10. extremely small homegym

    uhave a setup now to???
  11. extremely small homegym

    Hahaha I live in Texas, summer afternoons sometime 113f, I'd be a sweaty mess untill i acclimated...if i ever did Hell, I might heatstroke
  12. extremely small homegym

    Yeah u'r blessed. All the cool brands around there. We pay ways more for less quality. Outside would be way to warm for me!!! I'm Always sweating like a pig.. But Lucky me have a good ventilator hangin on the wall now:)
  13. extremely small homegym

    If I set up a home gym now, it'd have to be an outside gym, lol but the US does have good access to equipment, that's for sure
  14. extremely small homegym

    thanx men,, no it isn't at least for me. Pretty happy after all how it all worked out.. It is Always sort a gamble if you have so less space. After all i work out very good here in my home. It is a pitty that in Europe it is much more expensive and difficult to find cool fitness-equipment.....
  15. extremely small homegym

    Not a bad setup
  16. extremely small homegym

    This is my extremely small gym.. It is obviously a very very very small ground. But i live on a 60m2 appartment in a city( this is the smallest room.) I can do anything here. Plus i am not distracted anytime by all the bastards around in the gym)) So thats a big pluspunt to me!!! I use the Deadeners for lifting as the people beneath the floor will start crying when i don't so... I will buy more stuff in the future, a Swiss bar and another bar and also more weights, i will hang them on the wall behind the rack.
  17. Breaking 90 Degree In Squat Problem

    Hi for me worked feets wider. I had a to narrow stance. Also bar positioning. Before i did higher bar placement now i place it lower. But on the lower side it also give me more discomfort in my elbow.... So... Yes.. I don't have to problem with front squats in anyway although i use a harness for them. Maybe buy Nike Romaleos? Helped me out also quite anbit
  18. Cholesterol Results

    Just an update on last year. My HDL cholesterol went up from .69 to 1.39mmol/1 which is well into the healthy range. Cut out the crap in my diet for the last 6 months and increased the amount of fish (around 4 times a week) I eat and it seems to have done the trick. My overall cholesterol went down as well.
  19. coming back

    thanks guys, same ol same ol. have not been able to squat much the last little while and without squatting i have 0 motivation. i have been feeling better as of late
  20. coming back

    yup, forum, dead Welcome back
  21. coming back

    Welcome back, Jamie! Good to see you again. How have things been? Yes, it's quieted down around here quite a bit, but most people still pop in from time to time.
  22. coming back

    just thought i would stop in and say hi, its been awhile. Hope to be back full force soon looks like it has gotten a little quiet
  23. preworkouts

    I like them occasionally and never really worried if I took them. Seem to give you a good boost if you need it. Thats all I saw them doing. I would say if your rocking 20% plus bodyfat then a bunch of liquid calories my not be the best idea but I am sure its effective. I have read that chocolate milk is just as good as a post workout but I think that has been blown out of proportion for most of us. I have done dextrose, wazy maize, the intra drinks, etc. No real difference than if I just ate a meal when I was hungry after. I dont think it matters that much in the big picture but if you think it works for you then go for it. Theres no use arguing about it. Who cares. Do your thing. People get strong because of hard work, the right environment and training, genetics, and drugs. I dont think supplements are a big part of it. Not the over the counter ones.
  24. preworkouts

    Too much sugar for a dime
  25. preworkouts

    I'll agree with this and i touched on it earlier. Pre workout is a great tool, but dependency on them is an issue. I have been there myself and it can be quite hard to get out of as once you're fully addicted workouts are SO hard without it, best thing to do is just cycle on and off to reset caffeine tolerance. I try to only take it when i'm cutting and need the energy, don't really bother with it when bulking.
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